Our History

Impact100 Hunterdon was established in the Spring of 2023 when the founding Leadership Council of Impact100 Hunterdon, with the support of Binnacle House (a community foundation), built the infrastructure and enlisted the assistance of other amazing women in the community to make the dream of Impact100 Hunterdon a reality. Since its inception, Impact100 Hunterdon is empowering a diverse local group of women of all ages, stages in life, income levels, and backgrounds to come together to fund transformational grants of $100,000 in Hunterdon County. Through collaborative philanthropy, our mission is to build a dynamic and diverse membership of generous women who accelerate positive social change in Hunterdon County.

For more information about how Impact100 started, see our council story.

Together, we will make a sustainable impact in our community, one transformational grant at a time.

The Impact100 Model

The Impact100 model is readily available to all communities who wish to implement it. The model is designed to empower women to see themselves as philanthropists and overcome the barriers women have historically faced in this arena. The model is designed for transformational grant-making within local communities, with a minimum grant size of $100,000.

At Least 100 Women Come Together

Each Woman Donates $1,000

$100,000 is donated to a Local Charity

Focus Areas

Arts & Culture

Cultural programs, participation in the arts, arts education


Conservation and preservation of natural resources; environmental justice; parks and recreation; agricultural sustainability; environmental education and climate action.

Health & Wellness

Improvement of people’s mental and/or physical well-being.


Educational opportunities for children and/or adults, especially those that address lingering educational disparities affecting our community


Strengthening and enhancing the lives of children and families, including seniors

How It Works

The annual $1,000 donations of Impact100 Hunterdon members are pooled into a grant fund to be given away to nonprofit organizations serving the Hunterdon County. The number and size of grants awarded are dependent on our membership, but our goal is to give incremental grants of $100,000 each year. Grant categories and amounts are announced at “The Big Reveal” event, commencing our grants cycle. Nonprofit finalists are chosen by grant committees through a competitive application process, and grants are awarded based on a membership vote at our annual meeting. Every woman who gives $1,000 or more has one vote.

Board Members

Jerri May-Grimes

Leadership Council

Lynn Becker

Leadership Council

Allison Lavallato

Leadership Council

Jeannie Colalillo

Leadership Council

Bonnie Duncan

Leadership Council

Michelle Heide

Leadership Council

Colleen Duerr

Leadership Council

Carolyn Evans

Leadership Council